How 914 Consulting, LLC came to be...
914 Consulting, LLC was formed to help regular people that share a common interest in firearms.  I have amassed over 1000 combined hours of instruction during my firearms training career.  These classes have uncovered a glaring weakness in the firearms ownership community. People that own firearms for defensive purposes, by and large, don’t have the proper training required to ensure success in the event of a defensive situation.  

This is why 914 Consulting, LLC was formed.  

My goal is to provide the training necessary to tip the scale in favor of the good guy/girl.  My training is based upon training that has been presented to me by some of the most recognized names in the firearms industry Larry Vickers, Ken Hackathorn and others, that train the world's elite Law Enforcement and Military Units, have provided the basis for our courses.  

I believe that all learned skills rely on a solid foundation.  Here at 914 Consulting, I will  teach you the skills that will serve as that solid foundation.  

~ Christopher "Hans" Frank

914 Consulting, LLC