Why Should I Train?
People frequently ask "Why should I get formal firearms training?"  

- If you have never shot a firearm before
- If you do not own a firearm
- If you have your own gun but cannot operate, clean, or shoot it without assistance
- If you want an educated input on how to make a good defensive handgun selection
- If you desire to possess a Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP)

Then YOU can benefit from formal training.

Carrying a gun in public is an incredibly huge responsibility and must be taken seriously. Simply taking a CHP class and shooting your gun once every so often isn't enough to give you good odds of survival and minimize your liabilities in this litigation intensive time. 

The better trained you are, the better capable you will be to handle a threat should it arise.  Moreover, the better you are trained, the more skills you will have to maintain a high level of proficiency when range time is reduced to a minimum.

The next step in personal defense is to carry lifesaving equipment with you all the time, not just at home or in the car. Proper equipment selection and training in proper technique will make you safer and help you shoot better.  

The courses we offer help prepare you for a defensive situation through live fire drills, integration of armed and unarmed skills, and scenario based training.

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